Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Six Months of Obama...Part 3

compiled by justincase

42. Promised to shield Iran from UN Security Council sanctions( 42a)– much like Jacques Chirac shielded Saddam Hussein from UNSC action during the Oil-For-Food corruption (42b).

43. Threatened to use UN Security Council veto power against Israel if they don’t give up settlement land agreed on during the Bush presidency. Have frozen arms sales to Israel. (43)

44. Used UN resolutions and sanctions, economic retaliation, and the OAS (Organization of American States) (44a) to try to force Honduras to break their own Constitution (44b).

45. Though required by a bill Obama co-sponsored to give the reasons for firing an inspector general 30 days before actually firing him/her, Obama is now refusing to document his reasons for firing Gerald Walpin, claiming the need to protect “core executive branch confidentiality interests”. Although claiming to have done an in-depth investigation, it is known that in making its decision the White House never contacted Walpin or the people at the meeting where he was allegedly “confused”. (45)

46. Is threatening to carry out a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia without obeying the Constitutional requirement of having the Senate ratify it with a 2/3 vote, saying that following the Constitution might be too “difficult” since it would require 7 republican Senators to sign on in addition to the 60 democrats. (46)



(43) and its many associated links





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