Monday, June 29, 2009

Six Months of Obama

In less than six months since Obama’s inauguration, he or his administration has…

(If 5 or more of the items are new to you, you seriously need to supplement your current news source to remain adequately informed about what is happening in the world)

1. Appointed (so far, according to Politifact) 28 “czars” with powers supreme to any existing Constitutional agencies, including “czars” for: TARP, Border, Intelligence, Terrorism, Energy, Urban Affairs, Weapons, Technology, AIDS, Great Lakes, Health, Stimulus Accountability, Faith-based, Pay, Guantanamo Closure, Sudan, Afghanistan, Science, Green-Jobs, Drug, Information, Mideast Peace, Car, Mideast Policy, WMD, Climate, Regulatory, and Economic.(1a)Even Dem Senator Robert Byrd (3rd in line to the presidency) says Obama’s “czars” violate the Constitution’s separation of powers and checks and balances by eliminating Congressional oversight demanded in the US Constitution. (1b)Powers not delegated to the US in the Constitution are reserved by the Tenth Amendment for either the states or the people – out-of-bounds for the federal government. How many of the above areas of control are delegated to the US in the Constitution?

2. Threatened solvent banks into taking TARP funds, took control of TARP banks, and then refused to let the large solvent banks pay back TARP in order to get out from White House control. (2a, b, c)

3. Taken over Chrysler and broken bankruptcy law to give the United Auto Workers Union the assets that belonged to secured debt-holders. (3)

4. Threatened Chrysler debt-holders who filed suit over broken bankruptcy law with defamation by the White House Press Corps (obviously believing he owns/controls the press) and with IRS and SEC harassment. (4 ).

5. Insisted that the stimulus bill made available at 11pm on Thursday (5a ) be passed the next day , before anyone could read what was in it (5b)– then went on vacation to Chicago until Tuesday, when he finally signed such an “urgent” bill (5c)

6. Specifically included in the stimulus bill executive bonuses such as those for AIG and when the public found out sent busloads of ACORN volunteers to circle AIG executives’ houses, followed by Obama telling execs that he was the “only thing standing between you and the pitchforks.” (6)

7. Included in the stimulus package a RAT (Recovery Accountability and Transparency) Board, to be appointed by Obama, which would decide what inspectors general can investigate. (7)

8. Angered Canada, Europe, and Russia by forcing stimulus funds to be used only to “Buy American” – prompting retaliatory regulations by them. (8)

9. Signed a partisan stimulus bill which liberals and conservatives alike believe will make the national debt we hand to our children 82% of Gross Domestic Product (everything we produce) within ten years – with each household responsible for $155,000. (9)

10. In the months since the stimulus was passed, unemployment rates have formed a trajectory much, much worse than the most dismal expectations for unemployment if no deficit-producing stimulus bill had been passed. (10)

11. Pushed for such punitive corporate taxation that Microsoft – headed by vocal Obama supporter Bill Gates – will move jobs offshore to avoid them if Obama’s tax plan is passed. Other countries are lowering tax rates to encourage investment and job growth in their countries during the financial stress. American jobs will move to those places in order to survive.(11)

12. Returned with a “no thanks” the statue of Winston Churchill that Britain loaned to President Bush as a symbol of solidarity after 9-11 (12a). Shortly thereafter he treated Gordon Brown as an afterthought during his visit (12b). Obama’s gift to Brown was a set of DVD’s that won’t play in Britain. (12c)

13. Been unable to find people for his cabinet who weren’t tax cheats or guilty of some other criminal offense. Finally settled on a tax cheat to head the Treasury Dept. (13)

14. Demanded the resignation of the CEO of a private company (GM)). (14a) Has appointed a “pay czar” to decide how much executives in the private sector can earn. (14b)

15. Put the US Census under White House control rather than the Dept of Commerce. (15a) The census determines which states get what electoral votes (15b). The census will in part be taken by stimulus-funded ACORN workers (15c)– the group implicated in massive voter registration fraud all over the country (15d), which was instrumental in forcing banks to do subprime lending leading to the financial crisis (15e), which illegally campaigned for Obama (15f) , which Congress gives lots of money to, and which Congress refuses to investigate for corruption (15g) (although its leaders have already been found guilty of economic fraud once))(15h) Obama tried to pass a bill protecting ACORN from criminal prosecution for its violations of Truth-in-Lending laws (15i).

16. Given speeches abroad apologizing for the US. (16)

17. Calling them “unproven”, drastically reduced funding for the US missile defense system – the only thing currently protecting US soil as far east as Denver, CO ( 17a) from threatened North Korean missiles - and defunded the European missile shield (17b) after pledging in April to continue working on it only if it is “cost-effective. “ (17c)

18. Said that Iran has a right to nuclear “energy”, (18a) shortly before even the IAEA’s el-Baradai was forced to admit that Iran was seeking nuclear weapons and not just energy (18b), while Iran has been testing its long-range delivery systems putting Israel, Russia, and southern Europe easily in range (18c) . US intelligence last year suggested that Iran could have a nuclear bomb by February of 2009 (18d) and the IAEA corroborated in January that Iran indeed has the enriched uranium to do just that.(18e)

19. Put out a memo to law enforcement countrywide that vets and supporters of limited government are potential terrorists (19)

20. Around the time the FBI caught 4 Black Muslim converts planting bombs (20a), ordered the FBI to stop investigating Black Muslim terrorist suspects, according to FBI insiders (20b). A little over two weeks later a Black Muslim convert killed William Long, a young military recruiter in Arkansas (20c). Two days later, under pressure, Obama said he was “saddened” by the young recruiter’s murder (20d). By contrast, within hours of abortionist George Tiller’s murder, Obama stated his “outrage” and positioned law enforcement to secure abortion facilities. (20e)

21. Obama political appointees forced career lawyers at the Justice Dept to drop charges in a case already won against a New Black Panther Party member found guilty of what the lawyers said was the most blatant case they had ever seen of voter intimidation - guarding a Philadelphia polling place with a weapon in hand and (among other threats) telling a white poll worker that "You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker." (21)

22. Released CIA memos that gave away our interrogation tactics to terrorists (22a), but refused to release CIA memos showing the effectiveness of enhanced interrogation techniques (22b)

23. Hugged Hugo Chavez and received a book from him on communism (23a). Chavez later joked to Fidel Castro that Obama, taking over GM, is more leftist than they are (23b).

24. Normalized relations with Cuba (24a). Castro has said Obama’s talk of democracy in Cuba was lip-service to get elected (24b) and has asked how he can help Obama’s agenda (24c)

25. Conducted a “photo op” of Air Force One which resulted in NYC residents running in fear from their own president’s plane. (25)

26. Bowed to the Saudi king. (26)

27. Closed GM dealerships that were making profits but whose owners were Republicans. (27)

28. Appeared on David Letterman Show and alluded to his poor bowling being “Special Olympics.” (28)

29. Had time for Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, and Obama himself to target Rush Limbaugh and other individuals (29a) though Britain’s Sir Gus O’Donnell was complaining that nobody would answer phones at the Treasury Dept because Obama hadn’t filled vital positions (29b). He also appeared on Saturday Night Live and made other guest appearances when vital positions were still empty. (29c)

30. Fired AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin after he reported to Congress that Obama’s political friend and campaigner, Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, was receiving federal money fraudulently and Obama’s appointees were making sure he would continue to receive federal money by denying the inspector general access to their meetings . Johnson and the school he founded are also being investigated by the FBI for obstruction of justice after deleting vital e-mails related to the case (30a) and have been accused of also attempting to cover up Johnson’s fondling of a girl at the school (30b).

31. Gave Walpin one hour to decide to resign or be fired. When he wouldn’t resign they fired him without giving him and Congress both a reason for the dismissal and 30 days to dispute the reasons – as required by a law passed last year which was co-sponsored by Barack Obama (31)

32. When asked for the reason Walpin was fired, the White House falsely smeared Walpin by saying he was senile, citing a contentious meeting where he was “confused” – a meeting in which the board constantly interrupted him and refused to give him time to right his notes after they had messed them up while he was on break, according to a witness at that meeting (32)

33. Passed in the stimulus an electronic medical records package with large loopholes to medical privacy guarantees, which may mean our medical records could be accessed by Google, for instance(33).

34. Withheld Treasury documents from the Inspector General, claiming that he was under the control of the very department he was supposed to audit. There are currently investigations of Obama administration manhandling of inspectors general tasked with investigating International Trade Commission (including another illegal IG firing), Amtrak, TARP execution at the Treasury Dept, AmeriCorps, and the Library of Congress. (34 and related)

35. Appointed as “Terrorism Czar” John Brennan, the CEO of a security company whose employee illegally accessed Obama’s passport files. His employee was the the only one of 3 who accessed Obama’s file who was not fired for doing so. Obama has also put Brennan in charge of changing the computer process for printing passports. Passport records are some of the documents Obama has spent close to a million dollars on lawyers to hide from the American public. (35)

36. Claiming he mustn’t “meddle” in Iran’s sovereignty, immediately recognized as legitimate the Iranian election (with well over 100% voter turnout acknowledged by even the regime) and withheld criticism of the violent crackdown of peaceful protests in Iran until after most of the free world had already condemned it. Students in Iran said from the outset that if Obama accepted the election’s results and legitimized the regime, peaceful protesters’ lives and their bid for real democracy were doomed. (36)

37. Very willing to “meddle” in Honduran sovereignty, communicated persistently with Honduras’ military leaders urging them not to follow the orders of their own Supreme Court in stopping the illegal referendum by which leftist President Manuel Zelaya intended to take over the country like his chief ally, Hugo Chavez, did in Venezuela. The Supreme Court ordered the military to capture Zelaya on the day of the election when it was evident he was in the act of disobeying their Constitution and the judicial and legislative decisions which all agreed that the referendum was unconstitutional. (37a) Obama and Sec of State Hillary Clinton condemned the Honduran military/Supreme Court who arrested Zelaya for breaking the law. (37b) Article 239 of the Honduran Constitution says, "No citizen that has already served as head of the Executive Branch can be President or Vice-President. Whoever violates this law or proposes its reform, as well as those that support such violation directly or indirectly, will immediately cease in their functions and will be unable to hold any public office for a period of 10 years." (37c)

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